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Knights of the round table

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Knights of the round table

Post  sonic21 on Fri Apr 10, 2009 3:18 am

Here are all the knights i could find:

Sir Aglovale, son of King Pellinore of Listinoise
Sir Agravaine, son of King Lot of Orkney
King Bagdemagus
Sir Bedivere (Bedwyr), throws Excalibur back into the lake when Arthur dies
Sir Bors, King of Gannes (Gaul)
Sir Breunor, also known as "La Cote Male Taile"
Sir Cador
Sir Caradoc, called "Caradoc Vreichvras", or "Caradoc Strong Arm"
Sir Colgrevance
Sir Constantine, son of Cador, who became king after Arthur's death
Sir Dagonet, the court jester
Sir Warwick son of Tristonia and Dylan.
Sir Dinadan, the son of Sir Brunor Senior and brother of Sirs Brunor le Noir 'La Cote Mal Taillée' and Daniel.
Sir Ector, Arthur's foster father and Sir Kay's father
Sir Ector de Maris, the son of King Ban of Benwick
Sir Elyan the White, the son of Sir Bors
Sir Erec, (see also Geraint)
Sir Gaheris
Sir Galahad (son of Lancelot; his seat was the Siege Perilous)
Sir Galehaut, friend of Lancelot
Sir Galeschin (son of Elaine and King Nentres)
Sir Gareth, also called Beaumains or Goodhands
Sir Gawain (Gawaine, Walganus, Balbhuaidh, Gwalchmai)
Sir Geraint (see also Erec)
Sir Gingalain, called at first Sir Le Bel Inconnu ("The "Fair Unknown"), Gawain's son
Sir Griflet, also called Sir Griflet le Fils de Dieu
King Hoel
Sir Kay (Cai, Caius), Arthur's stepbrother, son of Sir Ector
Sir Lamorak
Sir Lancelot (Launcelot du Lac, father of Sir Galahad)
King Leodegrance, Guinevere's father and keeper of the Round Table
Sir Lionel
Sir Lucan
Sir Maleagant, who abducted Guinevere
Sir Meliant de Lis
Sir Mordred, Arthur's illegitimate son and destroyer of the kingdom
Sir Morholt
Sir Palamedes the Saracen
Sir Pelleas, husband of the Lady of the Lake
King Pellinore
Sir Percival (Perceval, Peredur), son of Pellinore
Sir Sagramore le Desirous
Sir Safir, brother of Palamedes
Sir Segwarides, brother of Palamedes
Sir Tor
Sir Tristram (Tristan)
King Uriens
Sir Ywain (Owain), son of King Uriens of Gore
Sir Ywain the Bastard, also son of Uriens

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