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Tails the Blacksmith

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Tails the Blacksmith

Post  Tails on Thu Feb 11, 2010 1:16 am

Name: Tails

Species: Fox

Age: 8

Likes: Mint Candy, Inventing

Dislikes: Lightning

Friends: Sonic, Amy, Knuckles

Fur Color: Yellow

Weapon: A lot of them.

Life: 150


Bomb Toss (I toss a bomb for 30 damage.)
Smoke Bomb (No damage, but fills the area with thick smoke, making me hard to hit.)
Sling Shot (20 damage)
Tri-Sling (Three rapid fire shots. 15 per hit.)
Tail Smack (A hit with my two tails. 25 damage.)
Caltrips (Little metal scraps to trip up the opponent. No damage, but they may fall over.)
Fake Ring (60 damage; it looks like a normal ring, but will explode when grabbed.)
Reforge (I modify a weapon to boost it's power. The next attack with it deals +10 damage. May be used on myself or an ally.)
Polish (The next attack against the target deals -10 damage. May be used on myself or an ally.)
Boom (Mixing my reserve powder into one giant bomb, I throw it at the opponent for 100 damage.)


Super Form: (Requires Chaos Emeralds)
Shining Aura: (Invincible to damage unless hit for a 100 damage attack. Loses 10 hp a turn.)
Gather Rings: (I may spend a turn to recover 12 hp.
Flicky Bomb: (I sic my two bird friends on the opponent, 40 damage each.)
Shining Tails: (I swing my tails at the opponent, firing a blast of golden energy into them. 200 damage, immediatly returns to normal form and can't use Super Form again for the rest of the battle.)

Legendary Blacksmith Form: (In order to unlock this form I must sell or upgrade a total of 100 weapons.)
Super Bomb: (A large bomb that deals 40 damage to all enemies.)
Mithril Sling Shot: (50 damage to one target)
Impossible Edge: (Modifies a weapon, the next attack from it doing +30 damage. May be used on myself or an ally.)
Perfect Shield: (Modifies the defenders gear, the next attack to them doing -30 damage. My be used on my self or an ally.)
Smith's Knowledge: I aim my slingshot perfectly, firing a precision bolt. (Deals 1 damage at 100 weapons sold, and gains +1 damage for each sold after that.)

Rings: 150 (right?)


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