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 Character Name :
Hydro the Hedgehog
 HP :
 Rings :
 Forms :
 Summons :
 Element 2 :
 Element 1 :
 Attacks :
AttacksMove NameMove DamageMove Element
Move 1Water ControlAllows the user to control water to use it to turn it to anythingWater
Move 2Aqua Spindash50 DamageWater
Move 3Water Wave40 DamageWater
Move 4Water ClonesNo Damage makes clones made out of water that could freeze when touchedWater/Ice
Move 5Aquatic Cyclone100 DamageWater
Move 6Hydro's Kick50 Damage and traps the opponent in a water jail for 1 turn Water
Move 7NevermeltarmorNo Damag gives the user protection from Fire and Ice attacksIce
Move 8Ice Ball30 DamageIce
Move 9Ice Blast60 Damage and freese's opponent for 1 turnIce
Move 10Ice ClonesNo Damage makes clones of the user made out of ice that could shoot ice balls and any touch of it that target will freezeIce
Move 11Ice Touch20 Damage but can only be use when target hits the user by a close cobat attacks and who ever hit the user with close combat attacks will freese for 1 turnIce
Move 12Avalanche200 Damage and turns the battlefield to a Ice and Snow fieldIce
Hydro the Hedgehog
Hydro the Hedgehog

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